I've officially started school. Last year of highschool - let's see how that works.


I'll probably make an autumn queue when this one is done (which is pretty soon).


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1. What is your favourite colour and why?
My favorite colour is blue (obviously, hehe…). I guess because it’s such a calm colour. It makes you feel comfortable (depending on the hues). Also because it seems to fit my personality. I don’t see blue as a sad or very cold colour; I like to think of it as dreamy, comfty, friendly colour :3

2. What do you do to get someone’s attention? (It’s up to you if it is a stranger or a friend ♥)
If it’s a friend or a nice, quiet person I want to befriend, I’d probably find a fitting moment when they seem to have time to talk and start asking them how they are doing and have a conversation from there.
If I want to get someone’s attention in a place where I need to keep quiet, but I need to tell them something (even quietly or by signs), I’d just stare and stare and stare at them until they feel the heat of my gaze…
And if it’s a stranger or someone I find attractive or awesome-but-intimidating… nothing („>.<„). I’d be too scared and awkward, but I probably wouldn’t be able to repress my glances so that’s probably it. Glances.

3. When do you consider someone your friend?

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